Daily paintings. Perfect hanging method for small paintings

Hanging these small Daily Paintings

These little Daily Paintings are 20cm X 20cm which is really quite small. To hang one alone on the wall would make it look rather lonely and insignificant. Ideally they should be hung together in a series. As we all know, in the art world, odd numbers work way better than even numbers. 9 paintings together works perfectly, creating an evenly spaced “block” of works on the wall. ┬áBut, (to contradict myself ), 7 paintings would not work as well as 6! So I’d say you need a number that creates a pleasant view. We don’t want to have any sticking out somewhere like a pimple on the nose!

I decided to group together the series of ink and bleach paintings. This worked really well as there are 9 of them and I could place them in 3 rows of 3. Not wanting to bang 9 nails into the wall and hoping for something with a little bit of oomph ( Not too much that it would distract from the actual art), I tootled off to the local Builders Warehouse in search of a solution. AH HA!! Chains! Perfect!

I dragged my ever obliging hubby into the project, requesting that he cut the chains to the correct length and knock 3 nails into the wall. He is a draughtsman by trade and thus does nothing without meticulous measuring and remeasuring first. What a blessing to me, as I tend to jump in boots and all, and entrust such things as straight lines and equal distances to my “instinctual artists eye”! This practice has been known to let me down on occasion! Hence my gratitude to my nit picky hubby!

So nails knocked in, chains cut to length, everything evenly spaced and perfectly measured, I could then just hook my paintings on to the links of the chain. I only had to play around with the sequence in which the paintings hung. Win win! Have a look here…..doesn’t it look great?

Let me know what you think, or, if you have an even more cool idea for these little artworks.

Daily Paintings. Hanging a series of small paintings
Daily Paintings. How to hang a series of small paintings on the wall

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