Furniture Flips

A few years ago I ran a small business doing murals and paint effects for clients. During that time a number of customers entrusted me with the task of “upgrading” much loved but tired and worn out pieces of furniture. Around the same time, we built and moved into a new home. Through the knowledge and experience gained from completing projects for clients, I became obsessed with upgrading old furniture of my own. So that my new house would shine with “new” furniture!

Hubby always advised our daughters not to stand still for too long as they risked being painted!

And so a love of flipping / upcycling / revamping furniture was born. Whenever or wherever I spot a tired lonely and no-longer loved piece, I feel compelled to take it under my wing and lovingly give it a new life.
Of course as we all know, retro furniture flips are very trendy now, and so the possibilities for unique pieces are endless.
Here are just a few of my own Furniture Flips. Give it a try, it is so incredibly rewarding and so much fun!