To DIY or not to DIY? A husband and wife in the house!

I’m sure I am not the only person on the planet to be totally enthralled with the wonders of Google search, Blogs, Pinterest and the like. For a DIY nut and creative like me, the internet has opened up a whole new vista of exciting horizons to be explored and discovered. Not sure how to strip that furniture? Unsure of the latest in colour? What are the best products for the job? Problem solved! Somewhere in the world there is an expert, able and willing to share their brilliance with us! Fabulous!Lets DIY!

I have always imagined us a DIY- loving couple. Enthusing over projects galore for us to get our claws into! A path we’re on together to create an amazing space to call our home! And so I buy magazines, spend hours on Pinterest and hoard images and how to articles in abundance on my laptop. As hubby steps through the door after a long day at work, I excitedly regale him with my latest find or idea, fully expecting him to do joyous back flips! Somehow, over the years I have managed to miss the eyes losing their sparkle, the silent groan on his face! The fact that he doesn’t bound out of bed on weekends, urging me to get started on a project, has eluded me and I have put his reticence down to a multitude of reasons, none of them being that he’s just not that into it!

When I insisted that we wallpaper our one bedroom wall, he reluctantly agreed. The wallpaper lay rolled up in the cupboard for 2 years before he finally realised there was no escaping it! He muttered and complained throughout the process and at the end informed me that in future there would be no wallpaper. Anywhere in this house. Ever again. I thanked him profusely for doing the bedroom and assured him that I had no further need of wallpaper. I blamed the wallpaper. That was a tough task, probably better left to the experts. (Although I have to say, in spite of the grumbling, because of his perfectionist tendencies, my wallpapered wall looks stunning!) And so my thoughts turned to the next project. Where I would steer clear of nasty wallpaper! And all would be well.And The Man would learn to love DIY!

Ah Ha! The kitchen! We had long agreed that the kitchen was in need of a makeover. Thanks to a lightning strike that burst the water pipes, the melamine counter tops were falling apart. I expected this to be a mammoth task and told myself to be patient and take it one step at a time. And so a year ago, after much prodding from me, we decided to start in the scullery as it is a smaller, less visible area (For us to practice on) and also the area the most worse for the wear. We duly ripped out all the old counters and cupboards. We blocked the water pipes and set about upgrading our kitchen. DIY heaven! After searching though my multitudes of pictures, I decided I want concrete counter tops with concrete support walls. It will look like one seamless cast unit. Beautiful and trendy. Easy enough I thought.But that’s a story for another day!

DIY wallpapered wall in the bedroom.
DIY wallpapered wall in the bedroom.

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