Daily Painting : A painting a Day

Daily Paintings. A painting a day for 30 days!
At the studio where I take classes, one of the artists issued a challenge to us….Complete a painting a day for 30 days. Every Day!
Would I be able to accomplish this? How would I fit all the usual agonising, drawing and re drawing; and “tweaking” into one day? Every day?
Well I could certainly not refuse the challenge! That would be admitting defeat! The beauty of painting with other artists is that we push each other and encourage one another and CHALLENGE each other!
And so, mind in a whirl, I pondered the logistics of such an endeavour. What would I use as “supports” Canvas? No. Board? No. What then? At home I found a piece of plywood in hubby’s stock of timber pieces and pleaded with him to cut it into 20cm by 20 cm blocks.( One of the stipulations was that the paintings should be small and preferably uniform in size). And I set to work…..

I sanded the wooden blocks to as smooth a finish as possible, then primed them with gesso to create a good painting surface. I painted the sides and back of the blocks with black paint and also a narrow, rough “border” around the front edge. A nice funky feel i thought! Now for the Art…..

I have been working on an overall theme involving buskers, so decided that would be my subject matter. I disciplined myself to do one small painting every day; before starting on anything else. I did 10 pieces in acrylics and was pleased but felt the need for a bit of a change, so I did the next 10 in oils. After that I felt that this was a perfect way to experiment , so I played around with ink and bleach. These turned out to be my personal favourites.
The concept of Daily paintings, or A painting a day is very popular amongst artists world wide and I can certainly vouch for the benefits of this practise. I would highly recommend this challenge for all artists …What an amazing month I had! I found that my drawing skills improved, my painting ability grew and my tendency to nit pick over details was overcome. And it really is the perfect platform for experimentation and growth.
Watch this space as I intend to take this up again soon. Just deliberating on subject matter for now…..but hey! They are small and quick; why not try various themes?
More Daily Paintings coming soon!!

I’d love to hear your comments on these paintings and of course if you are interested in purchasing any of these works, please contact me.