The Art Farm. A monthly outdoor art exhibition

An Art exhibition you’ll love.

Us Jo-burgers from the south have often felt left out of all “The action” as there hasn’t been much available to us in terms of great venues. The north is where it all happens!

Happily, the clouds of change appear to be rolling in and we are finding more and more gorgeous eateries and social spaces opening up. A fabulous new place opened up about a year ago that is quickly gaining a good reputation. Called The Art Farm, it is situated in Eikenhof . The owner has converted an old farm into an “arty” venue, with a coffee shop of note, restaurant bedecked with art, kiddies playground and more. The old barn has been upgraded and is a venue for hire for your function and the old stables have been beautifully renovated into artist’s studios for hire. They have a weekly craft market under the huge old trees which has become quite the success.

Recently they have taken the whole art concept a step further and now have a monthly outdoor art exhibition. I was invited to join in with the other artists and I was more than happy to do so. In the last few months I have exhibited there a few times and I consider it a top Art experience.  It is always a  lovely day, chatting to potential buyers, connecting with other artists, enjoying a glass of wine under the shady trees  and generally soaking up all the creativity and beauty around me.

Art in The Garden. monthly outdoor art exhibition
The venue: Art in the Garden
Art in The Garden. Monthly outdoor art exhibition
Art in The Garden. Artists discussing the art world

The art is so varied and mostly very good so there is something to suit everyone’s taste. And as always the artists are a very friendly bunch. This is the thing I have found with artists wherever I go. They are always supportive of each other, kind and generous. Very seldom have I encountered any sort of jealousy or competitiveness. We all understand the difficult journey we have chosen to embark upon and our kindred spirits unite to prop each other up. Tips and advice are plentiful, the artists generously sharing their expertise, as well as one or two constructive critiques of each other’s work. All gentle and delivered with the best of intentions. The owner of this venue is an art lover and is intent on becoming known as THE place to go to experience The Arts.

All too often, we artists find ourselves exhibiting at venues that are far from ideal, but here, even if you don’t make a sale, you have still had a pleasant day out with like-minded people in beautiful surroundings. It is much like a gathering of friends rather than a “day at the office”!

They have appropriately named it Art in the Garden, you can find them on Facebook where you will see photos of just a few of the superb artworks on sale as well as the address and contact details. Go and have a look, you won’t be disappointed! )

Art in the Garden. Monthly outdoor exhibition.
Exhibiting my work under the trees.
Art in the Garden. Monthly art exhibition
The Art Farm. The venue for Art in the Garden

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